Nook Ordering Options

The total cost of your project depends on its size, and whether or not you choose to buy our cushions.  Your kit ships with all (both) the tools you need to assemble them.  See our gallery for example pricing.

Shape and size  

This is up to you!  Your assembly could be U-shaped, L-shaped, or just a straight bench.  Our standard depth and height are 26" and 36" respectively, but these can be tweaked to accommodate your space and needs.

L-shaped with finished end caps

Simple bench

L-shaped, no finished end caps required

The Wood  

By default our kits are cut from elegant, robust 3/4" (18mm actually) clear-coated  Euro-core Baltic birch plywood.  This zero-VOC recipe has a 13-layer cut edge that is solid and beautiful all the way through.  The veneer has a rare but occasional knot patch.

This birch product is certainly your best value for a beautiful and sturdy result.  But if you need to match existing cabinets we can source alternative veneers such as maple and walnut.  And we can use 1/2" (12mm) material for lightweight pieces.  Ring us to chat about the options.

Baltic birch cut edge

Baltic birch face

The occasional 1-1/2" x 2-1/2"  knot patch.


For true coziness and elegance, we highly highly recommend our cushions!  They are wonderfully comfortable, long-lasting, and are hand-made by seasoned marine upholsterers to exactly fit your bench or booth.  This is your chance to personalize your room with a lovely lane of color and texture.

We use a 3" thick, high-density foam with a published life of 12-18 years.  This is wrapped in Dacron batting to plump out your covers for a neat, wrinkle-free look.  


Revolution Fabrics Our current preferred fabric.  Chemical free and manufactured in North Carolina.  Durable and stain repellent, and able to clean with common household products.  Many fabrics in this collection are machine washable.  Website allows for free sample orders!  A great variety of fabrics, from chenilles to tweeds to patterns.

Sunbrella Canvas is fully waterproof and 25% more durable than Revolution.  It is canvas, and as such does not necessarily have a home decor aesthetic.  Be sure to choose from the Marine Canvas collection and not the Sunbrella Upholstery collection, which is fabric that we don't recommend in general (it is thin with a significant mechanical stretch, more costly only because of the Sunbrella name).  Samples are only available through our wholesale account but we can ship them to clients for free upon request. 

Sailrite Fabric  This might also be a good option.  Sailrite is a quality company and we've loved everything we've ordered from them.  They have an exclusive line of Sunbrella upholstery fabric, and if it's good enough for Sailrite we would be willing to use it.  They also have a lot of other pretty options!  Lots of bold prints, vinyl and textures.  And you can order samples!

Check out our product gallery  for example benches and booths, with representative pricing.