or, QAFA

Read below as we magically answer your most Frequently Asked Questions before they are even asked.  Really we should call this Questions we Anticipate to be Frequently Asked, but QAFA just doesn't have that familiar comfort we get with FAQ.

What is this all about?

This is affordable made-to-order furniture that we size to your needs from our standard designs.  The result is an upgrade to the comfort of your everyday life, chock full of cabinet-style storage space.

We ship you a kit that you assemble yourself, without needing anyone else to enter your own home.  It's all freestanding so you don't have to modify your room at all.

Did you say affordable?  What does it cost?

The total cost of your project depends on its size, the material you choose, and whether or not you buy our cushions.  Here are some example projects with representative pricing.  If you like what you see, get in touch and we'll talk you through it.

You'll find our pricing to be much lower than hiring a contractor to build the equivalent... though we encourage you to shop around and support local labor whenever you can!

Why is this a kit?  Why not build it for us?

Custom cabinetry is expensive!  Our mission is to make the comfort and convenience of custom-built furniture affordable for everyday citizens.  The kit concept keeps the pricing down, not to mention it greatly reduces shipping costs!  Though we reiterate:  Please support local labor whenever you can!

Will you just build it for me pretty please?

Our kits are easy and intuitive.  But you could hire a handyperson for 1-2 hours to set it up for you.  If you are in Northwest Washington State, sure, we can send an engineer to assemble it for you for a small fee when we deliver it.  

Okay, I'm convinced.  What do I need to assemble it?

All you need are a dead blow, which is like a plastic mallet filled with sand, and a Phillips-head screwdriver.  We can provide these with your kit at no extra cost.

That's it?  Do I need to paint it or coat the surfaces?

No, that's it.  Your parts are cut from plywood that already has a clear protective finish, so you don't need to paint or coat it.  But if you want to really trick out your system, you could coat the exposed cut edges with wipe-on polyurethane.  This will give it a more refined look, and will protect those high-contact faces for a lifetime of service.

Do you use particleboard?

No!  It's all cut from extremely durable 3/4" plywood.  It will last as long as your home.  Our hinges are high-quality European cabinet hinges.

When will I see my parts?

We can turn around your order in about 2 weeks.  Sometimes faster.  Shipping can take up to another week or so.

How long will it take me to assemble?

We can assemble a whole L-shaped booth in about half an hour.  But, then, we designed the thing.  You might want to budget 2-3 hours for unpacking all the parts and knocking them all together.  Check out our assembly videos to get an idea for what is involved.

Are you part of the robot takeover of humanity?

We certainly hope not!  Craftsmanship is arguably our most uniquely human feature.  In our community of makers and builders, the concept of the handmade object is near holy.  If you can afford to hire a skilled carpenter or cabinetmaker to make custom furniture for you, please do so.  You will be supporting a trade as old as spearmaking, and every corner of your finished product will be instilled with the mojo of loving human care.  

Better yet, if you have the time and gumption to build your own furniture, please do so!  You don't have to be an expert to build a bench, and you don't need to spend thousands on materials.  You may even find just what you need second-hand.

If you don't have the tools to make your vision a reality, see if your community offers a tool library.  If you are looking for a little confidence before firing up a chop saw, join a local woodworking club.  Or a community boatbuilding organization?

I love it!  How do I get started?

Familiarize yourself with our Northerly Nook booth/bench ordering options, or browse our custom furnishing examples, or dream up your own vision and then get in touch!