Custom Furnishings

build out your own habitat!

Are you tickled by our custom-tailored assemble-it-yourself philosophy?  After choosing your booth or bench, why not continue our aesthetic throughout your home?  We offer custom-sized furnishings such as tables, shelves, cubbies, desks, beds, dressers, turntable stands... you name it!  Contact us with your ideas and we can dream together.

Here are some examples from our growing catalog...

The Closet Caddy

How can you make the best use of a short, deep, upside-down-Nevada of a closet against your attic dormer?  The Closet Caddy!  The face is a 3-box dresser and rolling it out gives you access to wide shelves (or a clothing rod for children) and a nice flat work surface.  We added shelving deep inside the closet for winter clothes, etc., to make the best use of the space.  The whole kit assembled in less than an hour.  No glue, no screws (except for the caster bolts). 


Spanish for shoebooky?  This was a commission for a house some friends built on Orcas Island.  Their cat was looking for a piece of furniture that would serve as a divider between an entryway and the living room, with shoe cubbies on one side and bookshelves on the other.  This piece followed the same philosophy as our booth design; that is, a flat-shipped kit that they knocked together themselves.  This was a great relief for them in the time crunch at the end of their project .  They chose maple Europly with the wild side in.

Speaking of Bookshelves...

We can make them any height, width, and depth to fit any funny little underutilized nook of your home.  Wall-mount or freestanding.  Cat N.F.S.

Rectilinear Containment Field

A customer wanted six identical storage boxes to fit under a bed in his tiny home, which would also serve as stools as needed.  We should have built seven, since once we assembled them, we loved them so much we refused to hand over the sixth box.  We now stay up late every night gazing at it, running our hands across its silky surfaces and through its friendly handles, imagining the possibilities in elegance for nesting boxes, laundry baskets, serving trays, jellybeans.

We can build these extremely durable boxes very quickly, in any shape and size.  We use 1/2" material for these, but we can bump it up to 3/4" if you plan to abuse them with rocks, power tools, hyenas, bocci balls.  Call us up to get some for yourself!  

The Boothly Table

If you're introducing a booth to your lifestyle, you're immediately going to need a table that suits it!  We recommend one that has friendly round corners, and especially one that uses trestle-style legs instead of four straight corner legs.  This allows you to scoot in and around without knocking your knees on anything.  And it should be sturdy!

We've got your back-- we can cut you a custom tabletop to match your booth, and send along a set of elegant handmade steel legs that we designed in-house.

The ToolTote

We designed these as record crates, and you can certainly use them for up to 60  LPs for easy browsing, or 100 LPs packed full.  But they are so sturdy and handy that more often than not they find themselves carrying tools, toys, firewood, grain, books, and children. 

A Garage for Your Wall

This is a prototype made by hand from pine, but we're eager for an opportunity to adapt this to our Northerly design philosophy!  Yours could be the first.  We would size it to whatever fit your space, and the shelf heights are totally configurable for your oddest or ordinariest of items.

Vinyl Station

Just big enough to support your turntable over your amp.  And room for the evening's selection of LPs.

Little Darlin's Perch

Our custom work really sings in odd little space-constrained scenarios.  This feline client in San Francisco sought a bed with a view, plus room below for her housemate’s miscellany.  It all had to fit in a funny Nevada-shaped corner behind a door. 

The Bonk Bed

Climb aboard!

3-year-old Heron gets credit for the concept.  She asked for a 3-level "bonk" bed for her and her animal friends.  Full-size for sleeping would have been too big for the room so we went for "fun-sized" instead.  We can certainly scale this right back up to accept a toddler or even twin mattress ... or down to a diaper-changing station?

The Shoe-in

This needs little explanation.  Sit here.  Store your shoes here, and here.

This is an indoor piece.  We just moved it outside for the photo.

The Stool Stool

This is not the 3-year old

Look it up - we aren't supposed to sit in a chair when moving our bowels.  Since we know you can handle the straight truth without code words:  Our anatomy is set up to squat while pooping.  If you must sit on a toilet, try simulating a squat by raising your feet.  It unkinks your bowels for easier throughput.  Not to mention an easier cleanup!

Our Stool Stool isn't the only solution by far.  You could use encyclopedias, platform shoes, yoga blocks or a thousand other benches marketed for the very same reason.

We designed this bench with a dual purpose:  Our 3-year old uses it to get up to the toilet.