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"The assembly is insanely easy and perfect! The little orange mallet and the puzzle-like pieces make me feel like a kid again!"

 - Luke M., San Francisco, CA

At Northerly Customs we build you high-quality, elegant, custom-sized furniture that is accessible and affordable.  You tell us the size and style you need, and we ship you a custom-cut kit that you assemble yourself with simple, foolproof, press-fit joinery.

Introducing ... The Northerly Nook

Luxurious booth and bench seating with integrated cabinet storage

The comfort of cozy... with the convenience of cabinetry

Indulge in custom comfort

Treat yourself to elegant and cozy luxury in your home, cabin, tree house, office, or van!  Our booths and benches are custom-sized to fit your space.

They're perfect for anyone who wants to simultaneously add refined comfort and tons of storage to their living space.  Immediately.  We invite you to try out the lifestyle upgrade of booth seating.

The Dory

66" x 62"

The Schooner

116" x 100"

The Bairdarka


The Felucca

92" x 76"

Effortless elegance

Your made-to-order kit ships flat and (except for the simple hinges) assembles entirely without fasteners.  You simply knock the pieces together with a mallet.  In just minutes you have the full function of a built-in booth, without having a stranger tear up your kitchen for weeks.  It's all freestanding, so you can drop it right into place without modifying your home or apartment.

Designed for tough use

This is high-quality, sturdy furniture made from high-quality, sturdy materials.  Our work is built to last under heavy use for as long as your home.   

Made with love, skill, and salt

We cut our parts on a CNC router and sew our cushion covers by hand in Bellingham, Washington.  We are proud to operate out of this Northwest maritime city with a long history of craftsmanship and boatbuilding .  Our products are designed by sailor/engineers with a keen sense of materials and practical use of space.



Our seating design prioritizes comfort with its angled backrest, clearance for your ankles, and our choice of premium cushion foam.


Each 4 feet of bench length gives you about 15 cubic feet of storage.  (Trust us, that's a lot!)  Shelves behind the backrests are perfect for for mason jars, books, mugs, etc., and the cavernous compartments under the seats are for your great big awkward stuff.  Slow cookers, dehydrators, food processors, blankets, toys, winter clothes, pet food?


We make your kits from clear-coated Baltic birch plywood.  This is not flimsy particle board.  It is beautoful  layer after layer of solid wood that will last as long as your home.

Easy to assemble

Take pride in your finished product with the knowledge that you assembled it yourself.  Our foolproof kits feature press-fit joinery that you just tap together with a mallet.  See in our assembly videos how it all comes together so very quickly.

Precision cutting for precision fits

Our parts are cut on a computer-controlled machine (a CNC router) that cuts your parts accurately to within 1/1000th of an inch.  This means your edges will be clean and your parts will mate with press-fit precision.  That is, easily enough to assemble but snug enough to create firm, solid furniture.

Clever hardware

All of our compartments are supplied with hidden European-style adjustable cabinet hinges for a sleek look and positive feel.  


The finished parts are freestanding furniture, which means you don't need to modify your home or apartment at all, and can even take them with you when you move.

Cozy cushion comfort

Our cushions are wonderfully comfortable, are long-lasting, and are hand-made by seasoned marine upholsterers to exactly fit your bench or booth.  This is your chance to personalize your room with a lovely lane of color and texture.

We use a 3" thick, high-density foam with a published life of 12-18 years.  This is wrapped in Dacron batting to plump out your covers for a neat, wrinkle-free look.  The covers are removable via a zipper underneath.  

Ordering Options

See our options page for your choices of shape, size, cushions, etc.

Custom Furnishings

Would you like to continue our aesthetic throughout your home?  We build all kinds of custom-sized furnishings such as tables, shelves, cubbies, desks, beds, storage boxes... 

Share your vision with us and we'll design and build it for you!